Preparing For Haj

Spiritual Preparation

  • It is highly important to say your goodbyes to relatives, neighbours and co-workers for the possibility of rightful due.
  • It is important to pray for forgiveness in order to confess from sins before the Haj trip.
  • Since we will visit our Prophet (Muhammed Mustafa) in Haj, you should say many salavats to not visit him without gifts.
  • Besides that again for spiritual preparation it is good to read Yasin, Ihlas and other suras from Quran before the Haj trip.
  • It is good to pray Tasbih prayer, Duha prayer and Tahaccud prayer before the holly Haj trip.
  • It is very useful to learn reading Quran before Haj, if you don’t know. You can contact with your group guides(hodjas) to learn reading Quran.
  • It is necessery to attend the seminars of your tourism company before Haj trip. For seminar dates, you can call your group hodjas or get information from 444 59 60.
  • In seminars you definitely should meet your group hodjas and learn their Saudi phone numbers. If you didn’t have the number, you can learn it from 444 59 60.
  • Don’t forget to purchase needs that are told to you in seminars such as ihram, slipper, waist belt.
  • While going to the Haj trip, it is highly important to not sleep in planes and busses to keep your ablution (wudu), so it is important to rest well before the trip day.
  • Before going to the Haj trip, it will be more appropriate to have full (major) ablution to step into the holly places in Haj with major ablution.
  • During the previous day of trip it is better to decrease liquid consumption in order to not have ablution problems during the trip.

Material Preparation

  • Never forget the hadith “Haj is hardship”
  • Before the Haj trip go to your family doctor or closest healthcare instutituon to check your health and if you need any medicines, have plenty of them with yourslef during the Haj trip.
  • Definitely have your meningitis injection.
  • Write your names, adresses and numbers on your bags and suitcases
  • Read your ‘Haj and Umrah’ guide handbook for couple times. To find the books, you can visit our webside, click “Media” and “Free Guide Books”.
  • Don’t forget to get your Quran and “Haj and Umrah” handbook (given from company) with you during the Haj trip.
  • Keep your TR ID card with you!!!
  • Baggage limit should be 30 kg and your handbag limit is 8 kg.
  • You can keep enough money for your own personal needs as TL. TL will be valid there but you can exchange your TL to SAR from exchange offices there.
  • Be at the airport on time. Don’t be late!
  • Don’t forget to have your 15 TL departure fee.
  • Take your documents from guides or hodjas when you arrive airport (passport etc.)
  • Don’t put your passport and Umrah card in your suitcase!
  • Give your suitcase to the baggage when it is told to you.
  • Put your baggage check and boarding pass in your handbag.
  • From Saudi Arabia airport to the hotel, all the controls belong to Saudi Arabia government. Do Not Forget!
  • Follow your group hodja’s instructions and don’t leave your group.
  • There might be some problems in airports in entries and exits because of Saudi laws and it may cause some delays. Please be patient!!!
  • Do not forget that Haj is a difficult prayer.

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