Hajar Al Aswad

Hajar Al-Aswad

Hacerul Esved is a black, shiny, holy and ruby stone, placed by Abraham aleyhisselam while Kabaa was being built in order to show the starting point of tawaf. its diameter is 18-19 cm.
Holy Prophet said: “Hacerul Esved was a white ruby from heaven. The mistakes of Mushriks turned it into black.
On the Judgment Day, it will witness those who greeted and kissed it.

We have three covenant and promises to Allah in the World of Souls. One of them is in Levh-i Mahfuz, one of them is in Hacerul Esved and one of them is in our heart. While greeting Hacerul Esved, we should say: Oh Allah! I compare my covenant in heart and the covenant in Hacerul Esved and I refresh my belief.

Hacerul Esved is a part of Hajj and it should be writ at the beginning and end of circumambulate.

Hacer-ul Esved is a large ruby from heaven and it came from heaven by Adam a.s.  Adam a.s placed it in Kabaa.
It was placed at Ebu Kubeys Mountain during Flood and Abraham a.s  placed it back to Kabaa M. when he was building it.

By time, Hacer-ul Esved was divided into 12 pieces and Sultan Murad Han collected the parts into a lead case and made a silver protection.

Upon collaboration of four school, kissing Hacerul Esved without causing any trouble for others or himself is Sunnah, avoiding trouble is obligatory.

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