Umrah Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is the Umrah Packages? 

Our prices between $2500 – $3500 depending on the packages and Everything is included. You can find more detailed informations from our Umrah Packages page.

1) When will I wear ihram?

Answer: groups going directly to Jeddah are worn at the airport in Turkey because they are entered into the Mikat area while in the air. For groups going to Medina-i munevvere, it is worn at the hotel before being transferred to Mecca-I Mükerreme. The border that should not be crossed by the pilgrim near Mecca without ihram is called Mikat.

2) Is there a specific time for the journey/visit Umrah?

Answer: Except on Hajj days, Umrah visits can be made during the periods when the Consulate of Saudi Arabia issues Umrah visas.

3) Do you do seminars before you go to visit umrah?

Answer: Yes, we do. Material/physical and spiritual preparation and information seminars are held at the centers designated under the privilege of Hisar tour.

4) How much can I bring Zem Zem?

Answer: you have the right to carry 5 lt Zem Zem with an airline. As Hisar tour, we have 5 lt Zem Zem gifts. In addition, we help our Umrah and Haji friends who want to get Zem Zem for a fee.

5) What kind of service will I get with the tour package I bought from Hisar Tour?

Answer: you will receive the package tour is purchased from the fort of tourism services; pre Umrah seminar, souvenirs, flight tickets, hotel accommodation, breakfast and dinner, the Citadel, comprehensive health insurance, transfers, guide Services, Visits 3 and 4. We also provide accommodation services for Umrah, airport services and Umrah and Haji friends who arrive with domestic connections if they are more than 6 hours on their flights to Saudi Arabia.

6) What kind of clothes should I take with me on the trip to Umrah?

Answer: since Saudi Arabia has a warm climate, you can buy cotton, linen, plain and baggy clothes as a summer resort, but do not forget to buy a cardigan as Medina-I Münevvere will be a bit cool.

7) Can I visit Umrah with my foreign passport?

Answer: Chinese and East Turkestan passports are not issued Umrah visas. For other passports, we can answer by asking the consulate, as the consular regulation has changed over the period.

8) Can I make an individual Umrah visit?

Answer: You cannot go to any agency without registering. The Chief Consulate of Saudi Arabia does not issue visas to individual applicants.

9) Do you visit boutique and corporate Umrah?

Answer: As Hisar Tour we make boutique and corporate Umrah visits in accordance with your date and day request.

10) Do you have a team to take care of us in Saudi Arabia?

Answer: As Hisar Tour Turkey team, we have an experienced team in Saudi Arabia such as regional officer, welcome, send-off, hotel manager, spiritual(Irshad) and ethic guide instructor.

11) Can people suffering from dialysis, Alzheimer’s and in need of a wheelchair go to Umrah?

Answer: They can go after getting approval from their physicians/doctors. But they need a chaperone. There are established health centers for routine treatments in Saudi Arabia. Our Haji and Umrah friends can benefit from these services free of charge.

12) Do you have a lady Irshad in Saudi Arabia?

Answer: Because it is difficult for female staff to serve under Saudi Arabian conditions, the ladies of our outgoing staff are helpful.

13) Is Hajj obligatory/fardh for the person visiting Umrah?

Answer: Umrah is supererogatory prayers and does not cause Hajj to be obligatory/fardh.

14) Are passports required for babies?

Answer: Like every individual, babies are required to apply for passports and visas.

15) Can I find my routine medication in Saudi Arabia?

Answer: There may not be every brand of Medicine in Saudi Arabia. But you need to take medications that are equivalent. Be sure to take the amount of medicine you will need during your trip.

16) How many months before the end of the passport period can I obtain an Umrah visa?

Answer: The date must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of return from Umrah.

17) Can I use the Miles&Smiles card on my Hajj and Umrah flights? Can I operate miles on these flights?

Answer: Yes, you can operate if requested by presenting the member number during registration.

18) Can I send persimmons/date by cargo?

Answer: No you cannot send date by cargo because United States government do not allow but you can bring in your luggage. 

19) Can I visit Umrah by the highway?

Answer: Due to security weaknesses, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prevented the trip to Umrah by land route.

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