Multezem Sharif


Kabaa had a door which is between the corners of Rukni Hacerul Esved and Rukni Iraki. it is 2 meters above the ground, coated with gold and with 1.8×3.5 meters in dimension. the section between this door and Hacerul Esved is called Multezem-i Serif, which is around 2 meters wide. Ehatith  state that any prayers made on this stone will be accepted. this holy location is named as “Multezem” as the Pilgrims insisted to pray here after Hajj.
The dictionary meaning of the word is to hugging closely. Multezem means the place to be hugged closely.

Amr Bin Suayb narrated  from his father: I made  tawaf  with Abdullah ibni Ömer. Following it, he gave salaam to Hacerul esved. Then He put his chest, face, arms and hands between the door and Rukn-i Hacer and said: “I saw Holy prophet doing the same 

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